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As United Methodists, we have an obligation to bear a faithful Christian witness to Jesus Christ , the living reality at the center of the Church's life and witness. To fulfill this obligation, we reflect critically on our biblical and theological inheritance, striving to express faithfully the witness we make in our own time.

Pastor Deryl Pendleton and Merle Pendleton

Deryl Pendleton was raised in Prichard, Alabama and graduated from Blount High School in 1975. After receiving his B.A. degree in Sociology from the University of Mobile in 1982, he attended Seminary at Oral Roberts University. He later continued Seminary studies at Amridge University in 2012.He also pastored in the AME church and pioneered an independent church.


Merle Pendleton was raised in Trinidad and Tobago and later attended Oral Roberts University where she received a B.A.Music Education degree in 1985. She has taught for 20 years in the public school system as a chorus director and strings teacher. She also is the pianist and choir director at Wesley Chapel.


Deryl and Merle have three children, and one daughter-in-law and one son-in-law, Karla, John( Baylee), and Aria and Joseph Grant. In 2012, Deryl and Merle received the great blessing of becoming grandparents of Audrey Elise Durr and in 2014 the grandparents of Troy Lee Durr III.